Richard Sorgnard Explains How RST-Sanexas Signal Technology Can Help Alleviate Severe Pain

Richard Sorgnard
3 min readOct 29, 2020


Quantum-Based Electric Cell Signaling Technology is Used to Treat Pain, According to Richard Sorgnard

Las Vegas, NV — ( NewMediaWire ) — October 29, 2020 — Technology has been increasing at dramatic rates over the past few years and has been improving many industries. Most people know that technology is being used in the medical field but not as medicine itself. Richard Sorgnard of Morhea Technologies has been exploring how electric signal generation technology can be used to address severe pain in patients.

Richard Sorgnard has a Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology and has been actively involved in the design and engineering of complex electronic equipment. He serves as the Executive Director for Morhea Technologies and also the Director of Technology at the International Institute for Chronic Disease.

Within his company. Richard Sorgnard works to develop and manufacture innovative, quantum-based electronic medical devices. This emerging technology is being used more and more because of the ability to manipulate quantum states of matter. The tech devices are smaller, making it easier for patients to use them in everyday life.

Richard Sorgnard has explained, specifically, how RST-Sanexas is making a name for itself. It has become the recognized leader in quantum-based electric cell signaling technology. It is being used for both pain and circulatory management.

Richard Sorgnard has developed numerous models that have been produced by RST-Sanexas. They focus on treating acute and chronic pain along with severe neuropathic pain. In some instances, the models can also address physical medicine and rehabilitation conditions. The communications-level technology has been patented by Richard Sorgnard and includes new Electronic Signal Intonation (ESI) to deliver unprecedented patient outcomes.

Electric cell signaling devices, according to Richard Sorgnard, have the ability to regenerate nerves while also reversing painful peripheral neuropathy. He has shared that there have been a number of published medical reports to show how this technology is having an impact on patients.

While many ways to treat chronic pain have a long list of side effects and downsides, Richard Sorgnard explains how RST-Sanexas’ neoGEN system is safe, effective, and user-friendly. In most instances, the technology is insurance reimbursed, even by Medicare.

Richard Sorgnard explores how quantum mechanics supports the use of electromagnetic therapies. Richard Sorgnard the sequential and random patterns are delivered to a patient transcutaneously to the skin using specialty electrodes. With the use of a spread-spectrum frequency-hopping FM signal generator and communications-level technology, nerves are regenerated as a way of overcoming the pain.

One of the primary reasons for using such technology, Richard Sorgnard explains, is that it allows for nerve regeneration as opposed to masking the pain. It restores the functionality of patients and it revolutionizes the approach that doctors can take with patients who suffer from neuropathy.

Richard Sorgnard continues to share the benefit of electric cell signaling for pain with all levels of healthcare practitioners. By using modern technology, it’s possible to address the conditions more effectively than masking symptoms

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Richard Sorgnard

Richard Sorgnard is the executive director for Morhea Technologies which creates electronic/electric signal generation technology and applied techniques.